There's always a story behind a name, a sentence, a symbol.... to dare, provoke and mind shake.
Here will be some short stories to be told. (the stories are now sorted from the newest to the oldest) more @ #marketing #qualitymanagement #engineering #productdevelopment #design #consulting


12-the FAT CAT - café ©

there are times that people enhance themselves for the obvious.... other times, not so quite; actually, people always looked somehow for exclusivity, even when the hard times come along, to go different or make the difference is a principle that can reveal most of citizens vanity... (as Al Pacino in "Devil's Advocate" - "oh Vanity is definitely my favourite sin" );  Everyone also probably knows that a fat cat is lazy by default, yet keeping its basic instincts and (if you're not allergic to it) probably you would like it to scratch his fluffy hair, while around your legs .... but as an independent pet, you'll probably continue to do your things (write your letter, drink your beer, coffee whatever, eat your meal) and practically won't notice if he is there or not... being polite and distinct is a rule at Fat Cat... but that anyone can be.

Target: Café, Club, Restaurant, Golf
Emotion: power, mocking, distinctiveness
Slogan/Message: pleasure to be around


This story has the a native side on it, so the purpose is to get people to the source of something; There are much times in which we need to discover new things based upon our primitive roots, being a landscape, a method, or a conceptual idea; So the Bufallo idea here, represents the core of something raw, but at the same time imponent (remarkable also), the animal that has an enormous heritage on its species but an heritage of the name  (beau fleuve - french for "good flow/ river"- for Buffalo city in the US- lt Bubalus specie). It is very important to have a sticky strong brand name to your conceptual idea that really fits for your selling strategy.

Target: Wildlife parks, Archaeological companies, Cigar companies
Emotion: rare, raw, strong, imponent
Slogan/Message: Rare

10-GO ON ©

First I thought this one as “come on” but realize that was too risky…. There are times that we must push to carry on, but the obstacle that can really detain us is mostly ourselves. It’s not a matter of just keep doing what you have already done, but to set new approaches that you can foresee or benchmarked and thought correct.  Everyone wants results, for instance our governments to pass that important law, the company wants its results to show the share and stakeholders, you want to increase you income…then what’s to be done?  The best of us is yet to be used, so go for it and strike it through when done.

Target: coaching and training companies/ radical sportswear
Emotion:  worth fighting for, chalenges, advance yourself
Slogan/Message: ready to go


"That car is really awesome"; "The play was awesome" "Awesome move"....  this is broadly used; i remembered the first time i've heard it, was from the movies about radical sports, which in fact has been brought with the full package as " dude" "don't have a cow" etc.....Expressions in a mouth to mouth basis can become viral as well, of course with help of the media (e.g. movies). Groups of people that share the same tastes usually create new vocabulary i.e. slang and then can be accepted/ spreaded by other groups and even in other language vocabulary. Lets take Economics: it shares lot of these, for instance leasing, dumping, marketing, renting, commodities, cash-flow..and so on....almost everyone are worldwide accepted; At the end a brand that turns a buzz and viral in whatever basis is.......... more than great ..... is..... awesome.

Target: Radical sportswear
Emotion: Positive attitude, facing chalenges
Slogan/Message: Face the great


There's always some times where we feel greatfull for making others smile. I remember when i was a kid that me and my friends used  to make some ugly faces contest, just like that.... when we didnt have nothing else to do, it was a way to make us each other smile and fill time for instance at school, and surely that most of the times there was a "monkey face" present that beat the contest.....historically monkeys have been taught to mimetize some behavior, for instance for scientific experiments or among their own society in the wild..."monkey see monkey do". Following models has this drawback: you're not following your originality/ creative path, hence you won't produce nothing really new, but it has a positive side which is that you won't need effortless time to achieve same certain stage results and/ or have the opportunity to add new ideas from that stage on. So, just enjoy and laugh and make other laugh from the "monkey business" and do it by yourself.

Target: Discographic Industry, Music Bands, Stand Up comedy groups, Modern Art Galleries
Emotion: Making laugh and to appreciate artistic creations
Slogan/Message: Is the key

Since everyone seems to be lacking of sense or senses in these days, here's a tribute to them. Nonsense in the nahive direction that sometimes is even better than having the detailed information about everything (just in the case for the hardness to face facts) - and now you would exclaim : "Nonsense!" - well, perfect; that was the point. Our senses show us ways to reinforce rationality or otherwise to mitigate it, however there's a inner nonsense in each everyone of the persons, that always look for true spirit freedom..... to do whatever one wants, to change state of art, paradigmas, archetypes why not say it to evolve. How do your senses play on you? looking forward to hear it.

Target: Lifestyle, Casual wear, Radical Sportwear
Emotion: Free spirit, let it be, disruptive behavior
Slogan/Message: it all makes sense now


There are several kinds of animal species, some of them resemble humans (what? ?). Shark is a fish predator
so do human are human predators. This inate animal behaviour  could be understood in a good way, strike sense is much appreciated in business "kingdom" as opportunity sense or even lookahed and propective & foresight. As seen in nature and our lives, there's always rapid moves, which sometimes you don't notice and sometimes you do and take your chance to do the move & strike, then you probably win your prey. So focusing your objective (prey) can help to get your target (feed yourself); how efficient you could be, will depend on the taken effort and how fast and clarified you are to realize there's an open opportunity; So would you want to be a shark or a sardine?

Target: Lawyer/ Broking/ Consulting services, Radical creative companies, Radical Sportwear, Swimmingwear, Bike Industry
Emotion: Daring, fearless, chalenger, fighter;
Slogan/Message: Take your chance



Where it all began? where it will end? In some sense we are basic....we are athoms, molecule arrangements, small scaled chemistry operating as macros. So we are (almost) nothing and (almost) everything, trying to adapt/ react/ learn to or with different kinds of external stimuli. In a certain view, we are really unique with a core printed registry that makes us really special beings capable to think and decide.

The round circles are points as concentrated dust, energy filled, ready to act, ready to be triggered, explode, with the universe as core, contained to its maximum as a private sigularity. A begining of something creative a personal "big bang". Did you get my point?

Target: Innovation/ creation companies
Emotion: Power, chalenge, will to do
Slogan/Message: You have the point


So sweet...every gesture should be like this at the point you could express for it as " So sweet..!" In a time where most of the population follows for something, but doesn't know really what to follow besides short term "everything".... "things"- values should last longer, such as e.g.  bonds, gestures, mutual and self respect or care for each other. Since the heart is one of the main human organs, so does these values are to society (if we want it prosperous) two hearts combined in their differences, are the perfect notion of commitment and mission for what really matters. A society with combined hearts.... so sweet.

Target: ONGs, food icecream chocolate companies;
Emotion: commitment, help and care, gesture
Slogan/Message: More than heart


My "thing " with Ants began at  96 during college studies, at my rented room ...  it happens that some times i used to take drinking cups to the table, until the time i forgot to take one to the washer..... this during college 1 week holiday...needless to say what next... never saw so much ants at the same moment. (were they looking for beer?) so from then on 0 tolerance at ants, and surely no more left cups.
But i must confess their example is very inspiring: they comunicate during work, are methodic, have protocols, are efficient, hard workers and outweigh their problems (so thei re fighters)... just look at the ant pic above.You'll notice at least 2 things: she's less 1 paw/leg (sorry biologists, there must be a specific word for it) and 1 leg isnt symetrically disposed.... and for what i saw, there was a great number of them with problems/ handicaps... still, they work together to achieve their goal.
So, what an inspiring Brand this would do... most probably exists....hardly to find these days.

Target: industry companies, sport brands
Emotion: commitment, chalenge, teamwork.
Slogan/Message: Working together

2-BRANDing ©

This came up , looking at shirt and thinking that colors could work better to
recognizing a brand, and what collors could determine what you want  to transmit? perhaps happiness, challenge, will to wear.... everything will have to do with personal recognition (what you see, what you feel) in order to be  follower (ultimate brand recognition) or to belong to a group (nowadays network); I call these easy brands (on/off  | like /dislike) because they're raw in its conception and appeal to basics forms; in our humanity we are complex beings, ruled by tiny basic conceptions; so, our first reactions to symbols logos are hence basic, and comunication should be easier if we understand a same language ina duality Reason | Emotion. Simple example:
Red | Emotion - Passion, challenge
Square, rectangle | Emotion - standard, toughness, safeness, truthful
DETAIL - sharp edges |  Emotion: linear, defined by nature

and goes on....


The story about 3d thought is easy and simple...because it supposed to be thoughts about every thing, for everyone, in every space dimensions , the idea of having a materialized thought allways appeal me (now that we have 3d printers),  much far beyond written words, but images playing continuously, challenging and tickling others mind playn' in several directions towards infinit known expandable entropic universe ; So to oposite "play" symbols intersect to result in a sort of math infinit symbol;

The story continues through Gallardo Santini logos and action, which is the channel and trigger to deliver enhanced ideas to an artistic strong self concept, a mix of written, audio, image open space.

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